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Shotison Media was founded by Ryan Whitwell towards the end of 2015. Beginning as a simple hobby based around shooting live bands, Ryan gradually added crafted photoshoots, advancements in editing and written reviews to his skillset.

Ryan’s aim has always been to promote the rock, metal and other alternative communities through words and images as the subcultures continue to grow. By working with bands and artists to create visual media to increase engagement with their fans, Ryan has helped many musicians and models add to their visual marketing options with professional and compelling imagery.

This clarity of vision has allowed Ryan and Shotison to build a reasonable following, with alternative artists, models and musicians choosing Shotison Media for various photographic materials due to Ryan’s reputation for having a good work ethic, a positive attitude and a clear enthusiasm for photography and music.

Shotison Media is the official photographer for London’s Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses competition and has had work appear in Devolution Magazine, Heatwave Magazine, Metal-Rules.com, TheIndependentVoice.org and Moshville.com, as well as various band merchandise and promotional material.


"Amazing photographer, dedicated to the live music scene with an enormous passion which shows in every photograph. Keep up the awesome work Ryan!"

Allan (Purple Kong)

"Took some absolutely wonderful pictures of our band Nuffin’ last March at the Dublin Castle."

Chris (Nuffin)

I have been playing around with audio software in preparation for a potential podcast. I've wanted to do a podcast for a while, so to try things out I've been making some playlists and uploading them to Mixcloud. Check out the first two below!

They are basically some of my favourite songs. Be sure to follow me on Mixcloud.com/shotison to keep updated when I upload more. Eventually, I intend to have special podcasts where I talk to musicians about their favourite songs, key influences, upcoming releases and other things. That will hopefully happen when Covid decides to just fuck off and I can more easily meet up with people to chat about stuff in a casual way. Exciting stuff, I'm sure you agree! But for now, I'll be making little playlists like the ones above and uploading those to test out some audio recording and editing type stuff. It's all pretty new to me, so fingers crossed I get the hang of it quickly!

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-Ryan Shotison


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